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Rank Name Price Change over 24h Market Cap Supply
1 Bitcoin $11,746.00 1.7% $197,490,337,352.00 16,813,412
2 Ethereum $1,052.18 0.59% $102,154,353,387.00 97,088,287
3 Ripple $1.53 -5.88% $59,430,881,161.00 38,739,142,811
4 Bitcoin Cash $1,787.53 -0.51% $30,246,929,195.00 16,921,075
5 Cardano $0.65 -0.77% $16,969,241,740.00 25,927,070,538
6 Litecoin $195.13 0.35% $10,699,642,933.00 54,833,408
7 NEM $1.13 3.01% $10,184,759,999.00 8,999,999,999
8 NEO $139.51 -3.27% $9,068,150,000.00 65,000,000
9 Stellar $0.50 -2.38% $8,988,242,991.00 17,890,931,548
10 IOTA $2.73 -2.12% $7,598,818,864.00 2,779,530,283
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