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What is Ethereum?

Using the same block-chain based principle as Bitcoin, Ethereum has adapted and developed the idea to create an altogether new technology. It was created to be able to do a lot more than Bitcoin was, and although it is still great as a currency, it is also designed to be used for smart contracts which facilitates online contractual agreements.

Ethereum (ETH) Live Price:

There is lots to be excited about when it comes to Ethereum, even though it was only launched mid 2015, it has seen unprecedented price increases this year, rising much faster than Bitcoin did at the same age and price. In 2016, Ethereum was split into two separate block-chains (hard fork) when the network was compromised and an anonymous entity claimed $50 million Ether. This caused a change in approach by the community, and it was adapted to ensure this problem never occurred again. Those who rejected the proposed changes were forked into what is now know as Ethereum Classic, a currency which is still in use and still increasing in price.

When it comes to the price, the thing which actually has any value are the Ether tokens. Ethereum is the name of the entire block-chain and smart contract system, and Ether is the name given to the value holding tokens.

Buying & Using Ethereum
Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is supported by the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges.

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