Matrix: A Blockchain Platform with AI Integration

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, seeing new platforms that work with blockchain as a service methodology may not be as newsworthy anymore. However, even with the slew of new offerings by multiple new blockchains, there are times when the mere description of a platform catches your eye by its definition of using [...]

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The Next Generation of ICO Is Here? Blockhive Introduce The ILP

We’re entering into a new world of finance and transfer of value, one that could have large implications for many current intermediaries and many individuals all across the globe. In this era we have a trustless system where exchanges are to happen peer to peer in a seamless manner, this is facilitated by the blockchain [...]

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Meet CryptoLUX, The Cryptocurrency Fund of Funds

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, especially during the last quarter of 2017, several new financial products have emerged from this once-neglected asset class. While products such as Bitcoin futures have made waves upon their debut, other, more non-publicized ones have launched and continued their operations with minimal publicity – on a global scale. One such [...]

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IQeon is ‘Heads Up’: ICO Starts Today! (30th Jan)

After two preICOs that were a huge success for IQeon, the team is getting closer to the main token crowdsale. IQeon managed to raise the target sum during their first preICO ($1,165,000.00) and even closed it a couple of days before the official closing day. Many inquiries for investment brought to life the additional preICO, [...]

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How These Guys From Geneva Will Change The Visual Content Industry? IPStock

The modern world is dynamically changing from day to day. New technologies are emerging regularly and old ones are rapidly developing, improving and adding convenient functions. Furthermore changes have not bypassed such an important area, as the visual content industry. Today, lots of designers and professional photographers experience great difficulties with licenses and copyrights when [...]

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Want to Become an Investor Easily? Try FastInvest!

Everyone wants to be like Warren Buffet, but not many people have the business acumen, the skills, or the time to learn those skills. So, they place money into mutual funds, index funds and other sorts of funds. Then, there is the advent of robo-advisors that will automatically place your money into the stocks that [...]

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This Blockchain Sportsbook Aggregator Could Revolutionize the Betting Industry

Statistica has predicted that the online sports betting market will be worth a whopping $56.7 billion by 2018. This is the same amount as Costa Rica’s entire GDP. Since Intertops launched the first online sportsbook just over 20 years ago in 1996, we’ve witnessed the market grow rapidly. Yet despite the advances in technology over [...]

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Everything You need Is In Your e-Pocket

e-Pocket is an advanced mobile platform that delivers sophisticated payment solutions through a range of sectors including, Retail, Hospitality and Event management, E-billing and Marketing. The e-Pocket technology framework is designed uniquely to accommodate different services related to various industries to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. At this present moment, the platform enables [...]

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The Abyss Aims to Conduct the World’s First DAICO, A New Protection Mechanism For ICO Contributors, Raised By Vitalik Buterin

The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform with the vision to create a crypto reward ecosystem for millions of gamers and developers January 11, 2018 -- The Abyss, the next generation digital distribution game platform, today announced the intent to launch a pioneering DAICO, a reinforced version of ICO merged with aspects of Decentralized Autonomous Organisation [...]

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MachtCoin – The Sports Betting, Trading and Travel & Tourism Platforms on The Blockchain!

What is Machtcoin? A project that is seeking to jump into the world of adrenaline and bring that to the blockchain. How? They will be a sport betting, gambling, travel and trading platform. There are six ways that Macht will be seeking to grow and build. Machtcoin Champion Infrastructure with betting, travel and lending The [...]

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