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North Korea Might Be Secretly Mining Monero

Cybersecurity company, AlienVault has discovered an application which secretly installs Monero mining scripts on vulnerable machines, and then uses the affected computers to send the mined [...]

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud

You might remember the remarks of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon from last year, where he had called Bitcoin a “fraud” and had also eloquently [...]

The Predictor of Last Year’s Bitcoin Rise Now Says It Will Rise to $100,000

Initial Predictions Kay Van-Petersen, the same Saxo Bank analyst who had predicted the increase in Bitcoin’s price last year, now thinks that the cryptocurrency could [...]

Ripple Leads $25 Million Funding Round for a Startup

Ripple, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency of the same name, has established itself as a serious investor after leading the funding round of $25 [...]

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Ripple Keeps Moving Forward, Bringing on Another Partner

Ripple continues to take actions that help it to get closer to their end goals of being a long-term profitable company focused on banks and [...]

Over 700,000 Lumens Were Stolen Through BlackWallet Hack

A web-based wallet service called BlackWallet was recently hacked, resulting in the loss of over 700,000 Stellar Lumens worth over $300,000. According to an official [...]

Metropolitan Bank Refutes Claims of Cryptocurrency Policy Change

Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp. recently responded to allegations of “halting” its international cryptocurrency wire transfers. In a release shared on the Securities and Exchange Commission [...]

  • IBM Looking at blockchian venture for cannabis industry

Maersk and IBM Are Launching a Blockchain Platform

After months of collaboration, A. P. Moller-Maersk and IBM have announced the launch of a blockchain-based trading platform for the shipping industry. Last year, shipping [...]

Cypherium and IC3 Join Hands for Scalability Research

Cypherium and the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (IC3) have shaken hands to collaborate on new blockchain scaling solutions. Cypherium is a blockchain platform with [...]

PayPal Board Member and CEO of XAPO on Bitcoin

The Interview The CEO of Xapo, Wences Casares, who also serves on the board of the behemoth payments company, Paypal sat down with the current [...]

A World Famous Brothel Is Looking into Bitcoin

The Bunny Ranch or more officially known as The Moonlite BunnyRanch is a legal, licensed brothel in Mound House, Nevada, United States, 6 miles east [...]

Korean Trade Chairman Says Banning Cryptocurrency Exchanges Is Against the Law

Amidst all the chaos, there seems to be a voice of reason in the cryptomarkets in the government of South Korea. A representative of the [...]

The Dallas Mavericks Say Yes to Cryptocurrencies

All the new investors that are stepping into the crypto markets are wondering why the sky is falling all around them when they expected to [...]

SWIFT Announces Their Interest in Distributed Ledger Technology

As the battle between Swift and Ripple heats up, we are seeing a lot of movement in the marketplace by Ripple but not so much [...]

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Bitconnect Closes Its Lending and Exchange Platform and Their Bitconnect Coins Decrease over 60% in Value

Here’s some not so surprising news. Bitconnect closes its lending and exchange platform, and the price of their Bitconnect coins fall more than 60% over [...]

Israel Releases Taxation Information on ICOs

The government of Israel has just released a draft on the potential ways that it will be regulating and viewing the concept of initial coin [...]

Arizona Looking at Accepting Tax in Crypto

A bill was introduced in the Arizona Senate on January 9, which, if passed will allow the State to receive tax payments in the form [...]

Ukraine To Start Drafting Regulations For Cryptocurrencies

Following the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies in the country, Ukraine has decided to start considering regulations for these digital assets and their trading within its [...]

Chinese Search Engine Baidu Launches Blockchain Platform

You have heard of SaaS (software as a service), now get ready for BaaS (blockchain as a service). This may become an often used acronym [...]

Vitalik Leaves Fenbushi Capital to Focus on Ethereum

The young co-founder of the blockchain-based Ethereum platform has departed from Fenbushi Capital, a venture capital firm based China, citing the need to focus further [...]

South Korea Is Seeking to Remove Anonymity from Cryptocurrency Trading

South Korea's saga continues, authorities in the country have had a recent string of assaults on players in the crypto space. Some of these can be [...]

China Expresses Further Tightening on Crypto Market

According to reports from publications like Bloomberg, the country of China might be continuing their assault on cryptocurrency markets. They’ve already shut down exchanges that [...]

  • Telegram ICO

Telegram’s $500 Million ICO

Through blockchain technology, you have, so far, seen digital currencies being traded and financial information being shared. You have heard of companies sharing their documents [...]

South Korean Banks Face Inspection For Accounts Linked To Cryptocurrency

South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) along with its Financial Services Commission (FSC) will be conducting joint inspections on six major banks in the country. [...]

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Stop Taking New Users Due to Excess Demand

You must have heard, or read, about the infamous oil crises in the 70s where the demand for oil was so high that it had [...]

Brian Kelly, The CEO of a Cryptocurrency Investment Firm, Invests 3 Full Bitcoins into Ripple

He stated that he is going to buy “3 Bitcoins worth of Ripple”... and he did. In case you are wondering who we are referring [...]

  • ATB Token to be used in Venezuala?

ATB Coin Offers the Government of Venezuela to Use Coins as a Payment Method

The Government of Venezuela plans to integrate cryptocurrency as a state payment method, said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The state considered the option of creating [...]

Are China, Japan, and South Korea Buddies in Regulating Bitcoin?

The primary financial regulator in South Korea is currently in talks with their Chinese and Japanese counterparts to fine-tune cryptocurrency regulations and guidelines. Choi Jong-Ku, [...]

  • brazil ethereum blockchain voting

Brazil to use Ethereum to improve voting system

The government of Brazil is in the process of researching ways to improve their petition system. Officials in the government of Brazil think that the [...]

An Exchange Backed by James Altucher Is Coming Soon

Investor, podcast host, entrepreneur, and writer, and investment and life guru, James Altucher, also known by some as the representative of crypto-bubble, is finding himself [...]

Venezuela Has Announced an Increase of Signups for Mining the Petro

The President of Venezuela has been rather busy as of late, or, at least his officials in charge of the cryptocurrency department of the South [...]

Blocktower Finalizes Their 140 Million Raise

Bitcoin ushered in the way for a larger interest in the field of cryptocurrencies from both retail and institutional investors, from governmental organizations, national officials, [...]

  • What is bitconnect is bitconnect a scam uk to shut down bitconnect

Bitconnect Recieved a Cease and Desist Letter After Messing with Texas

The statement, "Don’t mess with Texas," still rings true today. BitConnect, a cryptocurrency, that many believe to be a Ponzi scheme, was sent a cease [...]

The Series of Situations Plaguing That Are Troubling Bitpay

Bitpay has been around since the year of 2011, so it is not new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, yet, it continues to find itself in [...]

Many Bitcoin Visa Cards Have Been Cancelled by a Variety of Providers

Many providers affected by Bitcoin Visa Cancellations Another event that has shocked the world of cryptocurrency is that there is a cancellation of Bitcoin Visa [...]

Ripple Has Made an Announcement on Their XRP Token

The team at Ripple firmly believes that they disrupt the current traditional system of money transfers. According to a tweet sent by the CEO of [...]

Coinbase Says No to XRP, While Coinsquare Says Maybe

Ripple has been on a wild ride lately regarding its valuation. Its founders and executives who hold XRP have also seen a significant increase in [...]

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Coinbase Clarifies When They Will Release New Assets, Ripple Decreases in Valuation

Coinbase Recent History There has been speculation on when Coinbase will be adding new assets. Ever since the Bitcoin Cash incident which triggered a series [...]

A High Islamic Official Has Declared Bitcoin Illegal

Bankers have spoken of it, government officials have talked about it, yet, there’s one community that hasn’t been very vocal about Bitcoin, at least until [...]

An Official for the European Central Bank Wants Further Taxation on Bitcoin

A leader in the European Central Bank has decided to ring in the new year by calling for the levying of taxes on the cryptocurrency, [...]

A New Competitor Seems to Be Joining the Cryptocurrency Industry, TRON’s Prices Increase

What is TRON? No, not the movie, the cryptocurrency company. TRON is a cryptocurrency company that aims to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform [...]

Could Chris Larsen Actually Be the World’s Richest Man?

Bring on the Ripple love! At least, that’s what the team over there at Ripple are saying as they bask in the ripples of victory. [...]

Facebook Is Becoming the Next Big Company Integrating Cryptocurrencies into Their Platform

Everyone is welcoming in the new year in their own way; many are making new year's resolutions to lose weight, gain weight, stop drinking, work [...]

RSK Is Bringing Smart Contracts to Bitcoin

The company RSK, or Rootstock, is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via [...]

Royal Bank of Canada Research Analyst Determines the Blockchain Industry Helps the Market Immensely

A representative from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been researching the overall blockchain and cryptocurrency market and has come to some conclusions that [...]

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XRP Keeps Increasing, Flying Past Two Dollars

XRP seems to continue to increase its growth rate and is starting off the new year with a bang. The currency keeps pushing numbers and [...]

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