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  • Nivaura Ethereum bond

UK Startup Nivaura Unveils World First Regulated Ethereum Bond

Nivaura is a startup who states that they want to make issuance and administration of financial instruments cheaper and faster while ensuring compliance. They have [...]

  • Who is Ben Lawsky joins ripple Ben Lawsky Ripple

BitLicense Architect Ben Lawsky Joins Ripple Board

Ben Lawsky has served as a New York Superintendent of Financial Services who led the BitLicense regulatory framework while in office and has now joined [...]

  • Morocco to ban cryptocurrency Morocco make cryptocurrency illegal

Morocco Authorities To Make The Use Of Cryptocurrency Illegal

The regulators in the Moroccan country, state that virtual currencies are not in accordance with their laws and specifically are in violation of their foreign [...]

  • JP Morgan bitcoin futures markets JP Morgan bitcoin Jamie Dimon scandal

JPMorgan Are Now Preparing To Enter Into Bitcoin Futures Markets’

The banking giant, J.P Morgan, seems to be considering entering into the bitcoin futures trading market by providing it's clients with access to CME's new [...]

  • Dash update Dash development

Dash Price Continues To Soar Following ZMB Deal

Privacy-centered altcoin Dash has broke past $550 for the first time as the company provides further updates and features. It's an interesting occurrence when the [...]

  • Confido ico scam alert

Confido ICO Scam – $375k Raised, Sent To a Bittrex Account and Vanished!

Confido, more like Confidon't! Confido, the cryptocurrency start up that wanted to provide a payment processing system to it's users has vanished with their investors [...]

  • Russian opinion on Bitcoin and crypto

Russian Ministers Can’t Make Up Their Mind About Bitcoin and Crypto

Russian regulators have had a love, neutral & hate experience all combined into one with Cryptocurrencies as of late. In September, the stance of the [...]

  • HODL LendEDU survey

HODL OR DIE TRYING: New Survey Shows Young Americans Will Keep Their Bitcoin

It seems that the younger American generation has a different mindset, according to reports, they like their brunch with avocado toast and they might even [...]

  • Tether hacked is tether a scam tether bitfinex

Blockchain Data Links Tether ‘Attack’ to 2015 Exchange Hack

As we reported earlier today on the Tether attack, wherein at least $31 million worth of crypto was stolen from the Hong Kong based startup, [...]

Top Hedge Fund AQR To Pave The Way When It Comes To Blockchain

AQR is a Global manager founded in 1998, they currently have 871 employees, with $208 Billion assets under management focusing on traditional and alternative investment strategies. [...]

  • State Bank of India blockchain India cryptocurrency India blockchain

India’s Largest Bank To Proceed With Rollout Of Blockchain In December

The State Bank of India will be launching two blockchain production-ready beta solutions by the end of this year, they are seeking to deploy this [...]

  • CME group announce bitcoin futures market

CME Still Yet to set a date: CME Group to Launch Bitcoin Futures Market Early December, BTC New Highs

BTC is rising to new highs as further developments happen in the fictionalisation of BTC. CME Group, the world's largest futures exchange posts announcement. CME Group Inc [...]

  • Dragon Corp floating cryptocurrency casino

Dragon Corp: Floating Cryptocurrency Casino in Macau

Would you want to go to a Floating Casino in Macau ? It seems like the team over at Dragon Corp heard about all of [...]

  • Ron Paul speaks about cryptocurrency politicians bitcoin politicians

Popular US Politician Ron Paul Has Had His Say On Bitcoin

As the interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies grow, many who are aligned with the ideas of decentralization look to find more ways to popularize the [...]

  • What is lightning what is the lightning network

First Lightning Cross-Chain Atomic Swap Between Bitcoin And Litecoin !

The lightning network has provided a way to expand the utility of digital currency without having to slow down the main chain. A recent update [...]

  • Tether hacked is tether a scam tether bitfinex

Tether: Hacked for more than 30 Million?

Tether,  is a finance start-up located in Hong Kong, that offers dollar-backed digital tokens and is dubbed as the next generation financial platform powered by [...]

  • Nasdaq file for blockchain patent

Second Largest Stock Exchange Nasdaq File For Blockchain Patent

Nasdaq, the second largest stock-exchange in the world are looking into the possibility of using blockchain technology for storing asset ownership information. A recent patent [...]

  • bitcoin atm machine stolennnn

Bitcoin ATM Thefts Are Becoming A Problem For Owners!

Since the first ever Bitcoin ATM opened it's digital doors in Vancouver, Canada back in 2013, the digital currency Bitcoin has increased significantly in both [...]

  • Who is satoshi nakamoto

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

If you have heard of Bitcoin, you're probably familiar with the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of the beloved Bitcoin. Back in November 2008 a whitepaper [...]

  • canaccord genuity crypto report

Investment Banking & Wealth Management Firm – Crypto is The Middle Ground Between Gold & Fiat

Canaccord Genuity, a company that offers corporations and institutional investors around the world an integrated platform for equity research, sales and trading, and investment banking [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple american express blockchain

Ripple Making Waves: AMEX Deal And Ultra Secret US Bank Meeting

Ripple provides one friction-less experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple’s growing, global network, financial institutions can process their [...]

  • jamie dimon busted for money laundering

JP Morgan Busted For Money Laundering After Accusing Bitcoin of Doing The Same.

The money laundering culprit has struck again and to no one's surprise it's at another bank. Is it HSBC laundering money for Mexican cartels, Iran [...]

  • Kin ico Token sale event by Kik disappoints Kin Update

Kik’s ICO, KIN Try Desperate Attempt To Move Blockchain as Project Continues To Fail

Kik is one of the first venture backed startups to launch an ICO and provides chat functionalities for it's users and has the mission of [...]

  • bitcoin price all time high up balloon house $8k £6k

Bitcoin Price Breaks Past New ATH – £6000 Almost $8000 ! + Funny Early 2017 Price Prediction Videos

A new All Time High (ATH) for the infamous Bitcoin. The 8 year old cryptocurrency today broke past a record price of £6000, with $8000 [...]

  • What is Nitro ICO

Nitro: Blockchain To Democratise The Utility Of Video-Games Economy

What is Nitro Nitro is a project backed by the prominent mobile entertainment group in southeast Asia, iCandy interactive limited ('iCandy Interactive"). ICandy has shareholders [...]

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