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Upcoming Blockchain events & Blockchain Conferences

Blockchain events are becoming more popular every year. In 2017 there have already been more events featuring blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin & Ethereum than ever before. The market is growing at an unprecidented rate and everyone wants a slice of the pie.

Events such as blockchain conferences, conventions & expos are an ideal way to stay up to date on what the innovators are doing. These places are littered with team members of some of the biggest blockchain based projects, often showing off their products and platforms to new potential partners.

Wherever you are in the learning process, there is always something new to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and events are the perfect way to learn more. Often on the agenda at cryptocurrency events like these are talks from professionals in the space, sharing their knowledge on the latest advancements and insights into ways in which the market is evolving.

These events are a breeding ground for ideas and provide the ideal setting for networking with like minded entrepreneurs also interested in how the relatively new technology can improve the way the world does business. The market shows no sign of slowing and events are held all around the world. We’ve compiled this handy list of upcoming events from around the world.

The whole world is involved, with events in the UK, USA, Russia, Portugal, India, Dubai, Spain, Australia, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, the list is endless! Wherever you are in the world you can be sure there’s a blockchain event somewhere nearby.

Asside from this list, you can use the popular website Meetup.com to find smaller, more local blockchain meetup events that are being held near you.


Event Location Date Cost
Blockspot Conference Lisbon, Portugal 13th November 2017 249€

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